Andre Goliath


My name is Andre Goliath. Originally from a Performing Arts background I found my niche in screenwriting. In 2018, I was accepted at City, University of London studying Creative Writing (Playwriting and Screenwriting). I had an incredible time. Studying under Lisa O’ Donnell, John York, Phil O’Shea and final major project mentor Andrew Cartmel. Great people and great writers, I am confident in saying I left a stronger writer.

My cohort

Playwriting & Screenwriting 2020


London, 1986. Kieran Davies looks like he has everything going for him. He has the looks, charm, the attitude, but his promiscuous lifestyle pushes him to use alcohol and drugs and he ends up dangerously in debt. Kieran’s friend Sonny gets him work for an underground gang known as The Cupid’z’ as a Male Prostitute. But the new improved lifestyle this brings comes with a price… his own life! When Kieran’s best friend – and DCI – Wesley investigates the gang, Kieran must keep his secret life away from Wesley or risk the wrath of The Cupid’z.


Screenplay Extract

Why do I never listen to good advice and know when to go home? I always go too far.
Lively, busy party atmosphere. 80’s dance music fills the room. Everyone is dancing with enjoyment.
In the middle of the room KIERAN (26, white, James Dean resemblance but also the same reckless) is dancing wildly. He is extremely intoxicated. His pupils are dilated.
WESLEY (27, black, handsome with innocent traits) is dancing with a drink in his hands, he spills it on himself as he tries to sip from the cup.
SAVANNAH (25, rambunctious and quirky) bursts into hysterics.
KIERAN grabs SAVANNAH and WESLEY by the shoulders. They enter a three–way hug. They hold on tight whilst they dance together.
ROBIN (29, has more dept than she lets on) enters and stands in the entrance. She looks aggravated.
KIERAN looks towards the entrance and notices Robin clenching her fists. He stops dancing. He begins to look concerned.
MATHEW (31, black, normally sophisticated but strong-minded) enters with a look of rage on his face. He pulls Robin with force by her arm facing towards him.
Kieran tries to listen but cannot hear over the music.
Mathew and Robin look at each other intensely. Robin pushes Mathew in his shoulders. The rage builds stronger in Mathew as he shouts in her face.
Kieran tries to walk towards them as he pushes through the crowded room.
Robin attempts to slap Mathew. Mathew catches Robin’s hand and forcefully pushes it away.
Mathew storms towards the buffet table.
Robin runs towards the staircase.
Kieran follows Robin.
Half an hour has passed.
Kieran stares deeply at his reflection in the mirror. His arms press against the sink. Shivering as he struggles to breathe.
He runs to the toilet and vomits.
A loud knock is heard at the door outside.
Kieran gets up from the floor and walks back to the sink. He wipes the sweat from his forehead. As he does that a smear of blood appear on his forehead. He looks at his hand and sees the smudge of blood. He begins to wash his hands hastily.
There is another knock on the door.
Kieran washes his face. He dries it with a towel then opens the door.
Kieran shivers as he paces up and down the room.
Robin kneels on the floor clenching her head with her hands as she rocks side to side. She whimpers softly.
SONNY (30, Indian descent, striking face) looks in the corner of his eye at the blood on the floor leaking from the dead body.
Robin suddenly stands up and walks to the bedside cabinet and picks up the telephone.
What are you doing?
I’m calling the police. I’ll tell the truth, we’ll be fine.
Kieran snatches the phone out of Robin’s hands and slams it on the hook.
Have you officially lost your mind?3
Give me the phone back Kieran, I’ll tell the police it was an accident. Everything will be fine!
Stop saying everything is fine when it’s not. Do you actually think the police are going to believe it’s an accident when the pair of you are so coked off your faces?
Shut up Sonny please! This is not supposed to happen okay! Not today, not here at my
engagement party! Why are you even here anyway? You weren’t invited.
Yeah thanks for that – you know what, why am I sticking around? This has nothing to do with me… I’m not going to prison for this.
Sonny reaches for the door but is pulled back by KIERAN.
Kieran stand in front of the door.
No one leaves until we have come up with a plan!
(Cries)What plan? Sonny’s right we’re going to prison.
You do not know that for sure. We need a story we can stick too.
Story! There is a journalist and a fucking DCI downstairs!
What is a DCI?

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