Student success

Students from the Department of English have gone on to a wide variety of personal and professionals successes, in publishing, in being published and elsewhere. Discover some of their stories below.

Amelia Kyazze

“When readers identify themes that thread through your book, some that your conscious of as a writer, others that maybe were more subtle, that is very powerful.”

Anne H Putnam

“The publishing industry is full of hurdles and rejections and pitfalls – all we control, really, is our writing and our tenacity.”

Cecile Menon

“The genesis of Fragile Monsters was in the stories my own father used to tell me about his childhood in Pahang, Malaysia, during the war. But it was only as an adult that…

Laura Shepherd-Robinson

“In my experience, the most confident unpublished writers need a bit less confidence. And the least confident unpublished writers need a bit more.”

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