Creative Writing & Publishing 2020

City Voice 2020 features creative work written by students on the Creative Writing and Publishing MA: the class of 2020. In it you will find short stories and novel extracts in a range of genres, from comedy to coming-of-age narratives, literary fiction to high and urban fantasy. Click on the cover to read the anthology, or discover the writers below. Happy reading!

Meet the Writers

Zarah Goraine

Her past was a wrecking ball, swinging back and forth. She thought she’d left it behind. It crashed back, full-force.

Suyin Tung

Millennial struggles to find her work-life balance.

Sakshi Mehta

There are Six of them. One wants it all. One has no idea.

Pratiti Bhadra

A refugee family looks for freedom through the seven ages of life.

Pia Schumacher

Two girls. One childhood. But growing up is going to change their lives for good.

Leah Francis

Haunting memories, endless grey; Steph knows exactly why she left. But now something, or someone, has called her back home.

Jessica Ornelas

A bizarre family takes turns being cosmically punished for killing a sacred bird.

Carlene Fraser-Harris

Migrating to New York, Mara was thrown into the deep end of a life she wasn’t prepared for.

Ahgia Marisa Washington

A man admired a young woman on his train ride to work and musters up the courage to speak to her.

#MeToo Bildungsroman Comedy Coming-of-age Contemporary fiction Creative non-fiction Dark fantasy Fantasy Ghost story High fantasy Historical fiction Horror Life-writing Literary fiction Magical realism Melodrama Memoir New adult Non-fiction Romance Sci-fi Short story Supernatural Urban fantasy Women's fiction Young adult

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